LOGOS Energy achieves “record-breaking” natural gas production from Mancos shale

World Oil Staff May 16, 2023

(WO) – LOGOS Energy, LLC, a North Hudson Resource Partners LP portfolio company, has brought online a San Juan Basin record breaking natural gas well in the Mancos shale, building on its repeated 2021 and 2022 successes in the play and continuing the responsible development of a burgeoning new source of American natural gas supply.

The peak month production rate of the Rosa Unit #647H, located in Rio Arriba County, NM, has surpassed all wells drilled in the San Juan basin ("SJB") over the last 50 years. The well achieved peak 30-day production rate of 24.9 million equivalent cubic feet per day from a 12,857' lateral. In total, LOGOS has drilled eight of the top 15 SJB wells by peak monthly production.

"The record-breaking performance of the Rosa Unit #647H further increases our confidence in the economic viability of developing hundreds of Mancos shale locations within LOGOS' Rosa Unit, which we strive to responsibly pursue with extended laterals from fewer surface locations. We believe the Mancos Shale may become one of the leading natural gas shale plays in the U.S,” said Jay Paul McWilliams, CEO of LOGOS.

LOGOS' eight-well 2022 development program consisted entirely of multi-well pads in an area known as the Rosa Exploratory Unit (the "Rosa Unit"), which LOGOS is the majority owner and encompasses roughly 54,000 gross acres.

LOGOS intends to continue drilling long lateral wells to minimize surface disturbance while capturing enhanced economics offered by the large, contiguous Mancos resource play within the Rosa Unit.

Additionally, LOGOS is pursuing Responsibly Sourced Gas ("RSG") certification for all company-drilled wells in the Rosa Unit and is proactively reducing emissions from its legacy wells through various efforts, such as replacing natural gas pneumatics controllers with non-emitting devices, upgrading surface equipment, and conducting frequent optical gas imaging camera inspections.

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