Sercel sells 20,000 WiNG seismic nodes in “challenging” oilfields in Mexico

World Oil Staff April 12, 2023

(WO) – Sercel announced the sale of 20,000 WiNG seismic acquisition channels to MKS Consulting Ltd., a global geophysical equipment consultancy and leasing specialist. On its first deployment, the fully wireless nodal system is being used by the contractor to acquire a major seismic project across urban areas of southern Mexico, where intense oilfield activity and complex terrain make survey logistics particularly challenging.

Sercel's WiNG nodal acquisition system adapts to the most challenging terrains
Sercel's WiNG nodal acquisition system adapts to the most challenging terrains

By selecting the lightweight and easy-to-deploy WiNG field units, the contractor benefits from the system’s ease-of-use and operational efficiency, while also accessing the outstanding data quality provided by QuietSeis, the system’s ultrasensitive digital MEMS sensor, to ensure optimal imaging resolution. High survey efficiency and superior quality control are also enabled by WiNG’s Pathfinder transmission management technology, allowing the crew to remotely monitor the operational status of the entire spread in real-time.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said, “This new sale confirms the value of our WiNG system for conducting large-scale complex projects efficiently. It also demonstrates once again Sercel’s ability to produce and deliver large quantities of field-proven equipment and solutions in a short timeframe to meet our customer’s commitments.”


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