Pennpetro Energy completes Whistling Straits 5H well in Gonzalez County, Tx

World Oil Staff April 12, 2023

(WO) – Pennpetro Energy PLC, an independent oil and gas company focusing on production and development in Gonzales County, Texas, advised that the Whistling Straits 5H well in the Peach Creek Oil Field, Gonzales County, Texas, has been drilled to 10,195 feet measured depth (“MD”) with a 7,632.22 feet true vertical depth (“TVD”).

Whistling Straits 5H Well: completion and production

The decision was made to TD the well, having reached the target and penetrated the crestal portion of the microfracture swarm. The horizontal well will now be completed as a producer with over 2,500 feet of open hole within the Austin Chalk interval.

Oil shows were seen on the rig’s skimmer tanks from 8,120 feet over numerous extended intervals with gas flares registering between 129-226 units of gas including C1 through to C4.

Pennpetro Energy's joint venture in Gonzales County, Texas

The Whistling Straits 5H well is the first well to be drilled under its recently signed Participation, Development and Option Agreement between Pennpetro’s 100% owned subsidiary, Nobel Petroleum USA Inc, and Millennium PetroCapital Corporation (“Millennium”) within the 250,000-acre (1,011 km2) Area of Mutual Interest (“AMI”) petroleum joint venture in Gonzales County, Texas.

The Gonzales County 250,000-acre (1,011 km2) AMI is located about 140 miles due west of Houston and will provide PPP’s Nobel with a large inventory of low-risk development options in a world class oilfield.

Nobel is paying 33.33% of the cost to drill and complete this joint development well connected to the storage tanks for a net 25% working interest (18.75% net revenue interest) as well as a prospect fee which covers sunk costs relating to leasing, land, legal, 3D seismic licensing, geological and geophysical analysis.

Pennpetro's CEO and Nobel's President comment on Whistling Straits 5H well

Tom Evans, Pennpetro’s CEO, commented, “We are pleased to have hit our target objective and steered the drill bit through the heart of the seismic anomaly which we interpret as a microfracture swarm within the Upper Austin Chalk. The forward plan is to install test facilities and then complete the well imminently.”

Andy Clifford, Nobel’s President, added, “The drilling crew on the Wisco Moran Rig 16, directional crew and the Millennium site management have done an excellent drilling job with their precision placing of the side-track and managing the drill bit through the target. We landed the well within 10 feet of our target depth and we have over 2,000 feet of lateral section and over 2,500 feet of open hole below the 7-inch casing shoe from which to produce. This well has proved the presence of the microfracture swarm.”

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