Seismic technology company makes seven figure deal for onshore seismic sensors

World Oil Staff March 08, 2023

(WO) – International seismic technology and processing company, STRYDE, has sold an additional 18,000 onshore seismic sensors to Explor in a seven-figure deal.

Explor, a global seismic acquisition contractor and technology company,  has purchased an additional 18,000 STRYDE Nodes™, expanding its system following three highly successful years using STRYDE. During this period, Explor has acquired high-resolution seismic for over 15 clients spanning multiple industries, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) and oil and gas.

As the global demand for energy increases, companies need high-resolution images of the subsurface to make informed investment decisions for development.

The STRYDE Node™ is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable onshore wireless seismic sensor available on the market today. Explor and its end clients benefit from significant cost savings, operational efficiency gains, smaller crew sizes, reduced HSE exposure and a lower environmental footprint.

Along with the company’s state-of-the-art nodal technology, Explor also purchased the company’s Nimble System™, a compact and portable node management solution that allows a single operator on shift to charge and harvest data from 1,620 nodes every 24 hours, allowing Explor to drive further efficiencies on conventional and high-density seismic surveys.

Allan Châtenay, President at Explor said, “Since deploying our first STRYDE Node™ in early 2020, we have acquired 3D and 2D data throughout the United States and Canada. Seismic sources for these projects have included vibroseis, dynamite, PinPoint, LightSpeed, and weight drop sources, as well as passive seismic. “

This latest deal has resulted in well over 500,000 STRYDE Nodes™ being used across multiple sectors, in the last three years since the company was formed, making STRYDE the leading provider of nodal technology for onshore seismic surveys today.

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