Permian Strategic Partnership “applauds” increased transportation funds for Permian basin

February 23, 2023

(WO) — The following statement can be attributed to Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) Chairman Secretary Don Evans:

“The Permian Strategic Partnership applauds the decision of the Texas Transportation Commission, which oversees the Texas Department of Transportation, to increase the funding distribution to the Texas Energy Sector by over $1 billion in the proposed 2024 Unified Transportation Program (UTP).

Permian Basin energy companies and other energy companies across the state paid $10.8 billion dollars in state severance taxes in FY 2022 alone, helping fund infrastructure across Texas. With today’s announcement, we are pleased to see additional funds returning to the Basin, helping build and repair infrastructure that will help fuel our local, state, national and global economy for years to come. Thank you to Governor Greg Abbott, Chairman Bruce Bugg, Commissioner Alvin New, and Commissioner Robert Vaughn for their leadership and continued investment in the Permian Basin’s future.

At the PSP, we believe that strong transportation infrastructure is a key driver of economic development, and we are committed to working with partners across Texas to ensure that our roads, highways and bridges are up to the task of supporting our growing economy. With this increased investment in transportation infrastructure, we are confident that Texas will continue to be a leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, and opportunity for generations to come.”

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