NOIA responds to Fifth Circuit ruling on lease sale 261, criticizes Biden administration's decision

World Oil Staff November 15, 2023

(WO) — National Ocean Industries Association President Erik Milito issued a statement following the order by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which dismissed the appeal against the preliminary injunction for Lease Sale 261.

“The court's ruling is a necessary and positive response to an unwarranted decision by the Biden administration. The removal of millions of highly prospective acres, along with the imposition of excessive restrictions, resulted from a voluntary agreement with activist groups that sidestepped legal processes, disregarded scientific considerations, and neglected public input.

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"The escalating geopolitical tensions and instability in various oil-producing regions emphasize the critical role of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. To fortify our national security stance, it is essential to champion strength and support U.S. oil and gas production. This stands in contrast to considering eased sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, actions that could contribute to heightened global unrest.

"Fully leveraging America's energy production capabilities, especially our offshore resources, is imperative to address some of our nation's most pressing challenges."

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