EOG Resources joins UNEP’s oil and gas methane-reporting partnership

World Oil Staff January 05, 2023

(WO) — EOG Resources joined the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0), UNEP's flagship oil and gas reporting and mitigation program. OGMP 2.0 is the most comprehensive, measurement-based, reporting framework for the oil and gas industry designed to improve the accuracy and transparency of methane emissions reporting.

"After the tremendous progress we have made reducing our methane emissions percentage by 85% since 2017, we continue to pilot recent advancements to methane detection technology that show promise to further improve our methane management efforts. We are excited to join OGMP 2.0 to demonstrate our support for accurate and transparent data collection and reporting and encourage industry-wide innovation and progress to reduce methane emissions,” said President and COO, Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms, Jr.

In 2021, EOG piloted iSenseSM, a proprietary continuous methane monitoring solution. This program uses methane sensing technology to continuously monitor facilities and provide real-time alerts to a central control room.

The pilot confirmed that iSense is the most effective solution for the company to detect and accelerate leak repairs while also being cost-effective. EOG is prioritizing deployment to areas of highest production and potential impact. Initial installations are focused in the Delaware Basin; EOG will continue to roll out iSense in other operating areas this year.

"We are delighted that EOG Resources is joining OGMP 2.0," said Giulia Ferrini, OGMP 2.0 Project Manager, UNEP. "Oil and gas companies must be part of the methane solution if we are to keep global warming to 1.5°C."

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