Changes to UK Energy Profits Levy address some concerns, but continued engagement needed

Offshore Energies UK July 06, 2022

The industry body for the UK offshore energy industry welcomed the UK Government’s decision to change the Energy Profits Levy in response to concerns from the country's offshore oil and gas companies.

In response, Offshore Energies UK CEO Deirdre Michie said:

“While we remain deeply concerned about the impact the levy will have on the UK industry’s ability to meet the country’s energy needs and play a critical role in the economy, we recognize that the government has listened to the concerns put forward by industry and addressed some of those within the bill.

“This gives some reassurance that government understands the offshore oil and gas sector must remain attractive for business so it can continue producing the energy and solutions we will need for the low-carbon UK of the future.

“We now ask that they continue to actively engage with the sector as the Levy unfolds, and take into account our further recommendations.”

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