API releases video urging Biden to tour American energy sites

July 14, 2022

WASHINGTON – As President Biden prepares to meet with Saudi officials on Friday, the American Petroleum Institute (API) released a new video once again inviting the president to visit American energy sites and support the American producers who are poised to meet the growing demand for affordable, reliable energy and lead in this global crisis instead of turning to foreign governments for increased supply. 

“President Biden, on behalf of the men and women fueling America’s economic recovery, I invite you to visit America’s vast energy fields and infrastructure,” API President and CEO Mike Sommers said in the video. “Instead of meeting with foreign governments to ask them to increase energy production, look to reliable U.S. energy sources here at home.”

“With a tight global market, Washington can no longer ignore the immense potential of American energy. President Biden, join me and the men and women of America’s energy industry – from the fields of New Mexico and plains of North Dakota, to the mountains of Pennsylvania and bayous of Louisiana. Together we can tackle today's energy challenge with energy solutions right here under our feet.” 

This renewed invitation comes after API joined with 27 energy associations to urge President Biden and his Cabinet to visit America’s major energy facilities - from production to distribution to refining to innovation hubs – last month ahead of the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia. In a letter to President Biden and key administration officials, the organizations - who represent more than 11 million American skilled workers keeping the lights on and fuels flowing - encouraged the administration to recognize domestic energy resources as a strategic asset for U.S. national and economic security and highlighted America’s vast natural gas and oil reserves that can help meet growing demand for reliable energy.

Although the president ignored the energy industry’s initial offer and continues to send mixed signals about his administration’s support for domestic energy production, energy producers and operators remain hopeful he will reconsider when he returns to the U.S. America’s natural gas and oil industry is poised to meet increasing global energy demand but needs a comprehensive energy policy that lays the foundation for long-term growth. 

Signatories of the letter included:

  • American Petroleum Institute 
  • Alaska Oil and Gas Association
  • American Exploration and Production Council
  • American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • Association of Oil Pipe Lines
  • Colorado Oil and Gas Association
  • Consumer Energy Alliance
  • Domestic Energy Producers Alliance
  • EnerGeo Alliance
  • Energy Workforce & Technology Council
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America
  • Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association
  • Kentucky Oil & Gas Association
  • Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association
  • Marcellus Shale Coalition
  • Natural Gas Supply Association
  • New Mexico Business Coalition
  • New Mexico Oil and Gas Association
  • North Dakota Petroleum Council
  • The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma
  • Petroleum Association of Wyoming
  • Permian Basin Petroleum Association
  • Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
  • Texas Oil and Gas Association
  • Utah Petroleum Association
  • US Oil and Gas Association
  • Western Energy Alliance
  • Western States Petroleum Association

Click here to view the video. 

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