Energy Workforce & Technology Council: Carefully consider new climate disclosure rules

Energy Workforce & Technology Council March 21, 2022

Today, Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer issued the following statement on the Securities and Exchange Commission climate disclosure rules:

“We have had consistent concerns that new regulations by the SEC on ESG reporting could put a strain on our sector and could be used to encourage divestment in critically-needed energy and low carbon technologies. At a time when the global market is facing resource shortages, we hope that any new regulatory burden is carefully considered. We strongly believe that new metrics and ESG disclosures should not be a government-led activity, rather it needs to be a public-private partnership to assure goals and expectations are real, achievable, predictable, and that the collected data is used to improve climate change outcomes and not simply to make a case against one form of energy or another.”

“The Energy Workforce & Technology Council will carefully analyze the new draft regulation and participate in the forthcoming public comment period with the SEC. The SEC needs to ensure that the regulation is done in a manner that allows the energy technology sector to continue to flourish and provides solutions that will lead to our lower carbon future, while at the same time continuing to ensure that America and our allies have access to the energy our economies need to thrive.” 


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