Republicans pitch clean US oil production at UN climate summit

Ari Natter November 11, 2022

(Bloomberg) – U.S. House Republicans made the case for more U.S. oil production at the UN climate summit in Egypt, arguing that cleaner domestically produced crude is needed to meet growing demand.

“If we are going to be increasing global demand of oil and gas we must ensure that the extraction, exploration and production activities are occurring in places where we have the lowest emissions per unit of energy, which is largely in the United States in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Representative Garret Graves, a Louisiana Republican. He spoke at an event on the sidelines of COP27, held by the House Conservative Climate Caucus.

Republicans, who are poised to take back the House, plan to make the expansion of domestic fossil-fuel production a key tenet of their plans to fight climate change. They argue that US oil is cleaner than supply from nations with less stringent environmental regulations, and is produced more efficiently.

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The world’s top group of climate scientists has said that countries must significantly reduce fossil fuel use to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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