Texas energy leader: Americans don’t need OPEC+, they need U.S. oil & gas

Railroad Commission of Texas October 06, 2022

AUSTIN – Railroad Commission of Texas Chairman Wayne Christian issued the following statement regarding the decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties and Russia (OPEC+) to cut crude oil output by two million barrels per day. With U.S. energy costs up more than 20% and gasoline prices rising again to almost $4 a gallon, Chairman Christian urges President Biden to unleash domestic oil and natural gas production to lower prices for consumers.


“Winter is coming: the U.S. and our European allies need more U.S. oil and gas today—not after the midterm election,” said Chairman Christian. “OPEC+ and Putin aren’t the answer to our energy security. Harnessing the Permian Basin is. We achieved energy independence under former President Trump in 2019 by increasing U.S. production, and we can do it again.”

“Biden’s approval rating remains low because the American people are increasingly sick of his expensive, dangerous policies,” continued Christian. “His energy agenda is a disaster, from pleading for more production from OPEC+ to draining the strategic petroleum reserve and subsidizing unreliable wind and solar projects with billions of our tax dollars. The president has unnecessarily put the U.S. at a severe geopolitical disadvantage just for the sake of virtue signaling that he is progressive on climate change.”

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