Logan Industries successfully engineers subsea grease injection unit with unique visual monitoring capabilities

December 21, 2021

HEMPSTEAD, TX – Logan Industries International Corporation, a world-class machine designer, manufacturer, field service and repair company, has successfully delivered a subsea grease injection unit as part of a complete subsea wireline pressure control system for a major subsea oil and gas company.

The grease injection reservoirs and monitoring/switching unit was part of an entire system, complete with: surface intervention type hydraulic power unit (HPU); reeler and umbilical; subsea grease head and lubricators; and subsea connections. The customer required a way to provide grease to their subsea grease head by using a subsea grease supply point that also had the capacity for switching between primary, secondary and emergency circuits, and allowed visual monitoring of how much grease remained available for use during operations.

In designing and delivering a 10,000psi grease system with 40 gallons of grease fully compensated for 10,000 ft depth, Logan engineered a very straightforward, low-tech solution. The system was capable of being powered by either a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) via hot stab or by the surface HPU through the connecting umbilical.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “Our customer brought a challenge to us that required some originality and a holistic approach to solve. This is how Logan works every day. As long as we know what other parts of the system are doing, we can provide a solution in part that works for the whole. Furthermore, we can engineer it, fabricate it, machine it, assemble it and test it all in-house, and provide API documentation to prove all our claims. The visual monitoring portion we ultimately delivered in this project is unique for this type of system, pairing accumulator/cylinder technology with the subsea environment. Thanks to what we achieved in this project, there is now another simple solution option for companies wanting to enter or grow in the subsea grease injection market.”

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