NOV delivers record-breaking coiled tubing string

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NOV recently delivered the world’s longest and heaviest coiled tubing work string, which comprised 7.57 miles of continuously milled carbon steel tubing. With a typical spool of coiled tubing coming in at 25,000 ft, the Quality Tubing team in Houston manufactured the 40,000-ft string in July 2020.

Weighing in at 153,850 lb (69 785 kg) of tubing and with a total weight of 170,000 lb (77 111 kg) including the drum, the string was shipped in August for an upcoming operation in the Middle East. 

NOV worked closely with Halliburton to optimize the design and provided rapid delivery of the 2.375-­in. ATP-110 coiled tubing, which is NOV’s latest thermally processed tubing that features a uniform microstructure throughout the entire length of the string, resulting in improved field performance.

“The collaborative effort between Halliburton and the NOV sales, engineering, and operations teams was a vital piece of this project, and their execution was key to making sure the job was completed on time,” stated Danny Garcia, Operations Director at Quality Tubing. “This is further proof that experienced and skilled employees are the most valued asset in our industry, and without them, these achievements would not be possible.”

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