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1/21/2022 Global inflation brings ever-cheaper clean energy to an end

1/21/2022 U.S. extends financial protection for Venezuela’s Citgo for one year

1/21/2022 Energy Transfer agrees to provide gas to Vistra power plants

1/21/2022 Morgan Stanley sees Brent crude at $100 by Q3

1/20/2022 Texas natural gas production falls as freezing weather sets in

1/20/2022 UAE’s biggest renewable energy firm looks to deals for growth

1/20/2022 Dutch prep for a hydrogen future as gas-production deadline approaches

1/20/2022 Texas electricity firm says Energy Transfer threatens to cut gas supply

1/20/2022 Chesapeake working with Chief Oil & Gas on possible $2.4B deal

1/19/2022 Oil markets may be even tighter than forecasters say

1/19/2022 Ghana plans to become West Africa’s gas hub with import terminal

1/19/2022 UAE warns OPEC alone can’t solve global oil supply issues

1/19/2022 Maersk Drilling secures 21-month contract with TotalEnergies

1/19/2022 Oil prices above $100 are more a matter of when, not if

1/18/2022 Biden rattles his saber at oil producers as prices surge to 2014 high

1/18/2022 Carbon+Intel: DNV assesses hydrogen readiness of Hungarian gas pipeline

1/18/2022 Russia’s February gas-transit plan leaves Europe in the lurch

1/18/2022 Deadly UAE drone strikes raise risk in key oil-producing region

1/18/2022 China’s fuel exports drop for a second year as quotas tighten

1/18/2022 Russia missing OPEC targets as some members struggle to keep pace

1/17/2022 Key jet fuel market metric surges as flight demand withstands Omicron