Issue: January 2024

SPECIAL FOCUS- Hydraulic Fracturing

Next-generation electric fracturing system improves efficiency, ESG performance

An innovative 5,000-hp frac platform combines intelligent electrical architecture and simplified drivetrains to increase power density and flexibility, streamline rig-up logistics and minimize carbon emissions.

When electric meets intelligence: Powering a new era in hydraulic fracturing

In the evolving landscape of hydraulic fracturing, a transformative synergy of electrification, automation and real-time optimization has emerged. The commingling of these technologies is paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and performance gains, while also reducing costs and NPT.

Quantum computing and subsurface prediction

Quantum computing has vast potential to reshape subsurface evaluations, providing capabilities and advanced geoscience analyses that are orders of magnitude faster and superior to any computer system that exists today.

Digital transformation: A breakthrough year for digitalization in the offshore sector

From the perspective of Miros’ Chief Executive, 2023 was a real breakthrough year for the adoption of digitalization in the offshore space.

Driving MPD adoption with performance-enhancing technologies

A new performance solution for MPD applications was launched to address a substantial portion of the market between existing entry-level and premier tier offerings. The author details the differences in these solutions and presents a case study highlighting performance improvements.

Management issues: The top value drivers of companies in the oil and gas industry

This article discusses the primary value drivers in oil and gas—including factors like oil and gas prices, market conditions and the impact of geographic location on price differentials. It also highlights the industry’s shift towards capital efficiency over production volume and the value that third-party valuation firms can bring by considering these critical drivers in their analyses.

Digital transformation: Digital twins help to make the invisible, visible in Indonesia’s energy industry

It’s clear that digital solutions and flexible business models that put energy companies and their needs first will be key to achieving Indonesia’s growth goals.

Dallas Fed: E&P activity essentially unchanged; optimism wanes as uncertainty jumps

While there was little change in activity from the third quarter of 2023 to the fourth quarter, there are some negative trends developing that have operators concerned. Yet, there is hope that 2024 can be a marginally better year.

First oil

Argentina’s new president offers common sense approach

What's new in exploration

2024: The two lies of exploration

Drilling advances

ESG testing drilling engineers

The ESG perspective

Methane and more

Executive viewpoint

The last barrel

More of the same

Industry at a glance

Despite expanding tensions in the Middle East, fresh instability in the Red Sea and the war in Ukraine, benchmark crude prices fell again in December, with Brent down 6.4% to $77.63/bbl, while WTI declined 7.5% to average $71.90/bbl.
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