Issue: November 2023

Special focus: Advances in production

Taking the next step in offshore digitalization

On the North Sea Yggdrasil development, service providers are collaborating to develop three platforms that will operate remotely from an integrated onshore operations center. The project draws on experience gained from the Ivar Aasen venture, marking a significant step forward in the pursuit to increase offshore efficiency and sustainability.

FluiDeep: An innovative subsea storage and injection solution for chemicals management

As the upstream industry continues to address the energy trilemma of secure, affordable and sustainable energy, Saipem is setting the bar on innovative solutions, to improve the efficiency of subsea field development.

Technological innovation delivers transformative product suite to upstream sector

A unique collaboration is enhancing gas production, reducing emissions, and boosting revenue generation while controlling costs.

Volatile organic carbon emissions in oil and gas industry: Impact and mitigation

As a major contributor to the world's energy needs, the oil and gas industry plays a crucial role in ensuring that this goal is realized. Despite crude oil's increasing importance to the global economy's ever-increasing demand, hydrocarbons are widely acknowledged as a major source of pollutants in terrestrial, atmospheric and ocean ecosystems.

Decommissioning: Practical considerations for the end of an asset

When offshore structures and vessels reach the end of their productive lives, they must be decommissioned and dismantled, recycled or disposed of safely. These complex, highly engineered assets are built to withstand harsh environments and are often contaminated with hydrocarbons and other hazardous materials from years of operation.

Singlet oxygen-generating treatment technology achieves sustainable operations, helps operators meet production goals

A new chemistry solution, first developed for the food and beverage industry, provides an environmentally safe and economical alternative for upstream water treatment without the hazards or cost of traditional oxidizers or conventional biocides.

Offshore potable water production from subsea karstic aquifers

The main scope of this article describes how the possible and secure production method of large quantities of fresh/potable water from subsea bottom springs can be achieved by separating this meteoric (in origin) ground water from the saline seawater.

X80 heavy wall pipe solutions for deep/ultra-deepwater field developments in mild sour environment

This article presents mechanical and sour corrosion test results for X80 seamless pipes and girth welds. Four-point bend tests were carried out on parent pipes and weld joints, using samples taken at the ID surface to assess the material’s sulfide stress cracking resistance. Results highlight the possibility of using X80 heavy-walled seamless pipes for risers in a mild sour environment, using cost-effective welding.

Technological advances increase efficiencies and flexibility

The availability of energy storage solutions and intelligent engine management systems enables companies to increase efficiencies and lower costs and emissions while maintaining power and performance.

Digital transformation: Accelerating productivity, sustainability in oil and gas

A modernized communications infrastructure that can see, think and act, and enable the upstream industry to build the resilience and digital capabilities in needs, is a must. And the components for it are here now.

First oil

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What's new in exploration

Will $100+ oil kill exploration…again?

Drilling advances

Building the ambiguous 'better well'

The ESG perspective

The times they are-a-changin'

Executive viewpoint

AI and energy: The promise ahead

The last barrel

No longer a by-product
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