Issue: May 2023

Special Focus: Well Completion Technology

Advanced multi-stage completion systems maximize efficiency

Cemented ball-drop sleeves enable operators to reduce cost and operational risk, while helping achieve optimal pumping rates to improve production potential in extended-reach laterals.

Combining video and ultrasound increases downhole data capture accuracy

Complete and precise measurements allow calculations of proppant uniformity with complete trust in the integrity and validity of acquired data

Automated completion surface system: The path to fracturing 24/7

By identifying the numerous barriers obstructing 24/7 reservoir fracturing, a newly developed system utilizes advanced processes and technologies. The system has led to gains in operational efficiency, consistency and safety, enabling operators to fracture a reservoir more hours/day compared to standard procedures and techniques.

Enhancing stimulation efficiency in a fractured open-hole carbonate reservoir by diversion design using advanced modelling techniques

An analytical model, based on CFD and discrete element modeling, simulates treatment placement efficiency and diversion effectiveness in HPHT fractured carbonate reservoirs. Application of the innovative technique increased expected production 20% in a North American well.

EOR/IOR technology: Advanced shale oil EOR methods for the DJ basin

Two innovative shale oil EOR processes offer greater simplicity, and lower capital expenditure and operating costs, compared to natural gas or CO2 EOR. Advanced compositional reservoir simulation modeling is used during operation to ensure maximum oil recovery.

Regional report: South Australia: New life in a mature basin: S.A.’s Cooper basin CCS and exploration opportunities

After 60 years of E&P activity, the Cooper basin remains Australia’s largest onshore O&G province, supplying domestic gas markets in southeastern Australia and export markets via the Gladstone LNG plant. This strategic basin has potential for further discoveries, as well as opportunities to play a key role in Australia’s energy transition through CCS projects in depleted fields.

Management issues- Dallas Fed: Oil and gas expansion stalls amid surging costs and worsening outlooks

Despite reasonable oil price levels, U.S. upstream activity is being restrained by inflated equipment/supply costs, residual lags in the supply chain, and, perhaps most of all, manpower issues.

Agile subsea production system demonstrates value of a standardized approach for operators

As the upstream industry continues to require increased ROI at a lower capital investment, a subsea services provider is setting the bar on standardization, ensuring performance agility through a truly global solution to standard subsea production systems.

Harnessing A.I. transforms rig power, engine management

Automation is a key component to reducing the carbon footprint of operations and increasing drilling efficiency. Using A.I.-driven power management systems optimizes power usage while minimizing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Maintaining an unblinking focus on game-changing operational efficiencies across E&P spectrum

Vision AI solutions for the upstream industry combine the latest AI, 5G, and Edge technologies for rapid visual data curation, proactive remote monitoring, continuous tracking, and automated alerting for solutions scaled across E&P sites and facilities.

First oil

Beyond the numbers, upstream firms remain quietly confident

What's new in exploration

Fork in the road

Drilling advances

Data: “The great equalizer”

Water management-

Water markets and net water positivity

Executive viewpoint

The practical impossibility of large-scale carbon capture and storage

The last barrel

Hydrocarbons deliver energy security

Industry at a glance

Crude prices surged in April after OPEC+ announced it was slashing output by 1.16 MMbopd as a precautionary measure targeted at stabilizing oil markets.
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