Issue: August 2021

Special Focus

Offshore energy will power the world: 2021-2040 FPSO forecast

Operators are strategically navigating the changing dynamics of the energy market with continued investment in the floating offshore sector.

Accelerating field development and target selection using AI and automation

Norway’s Petoro and Schlumberger recently collaborated to develop a well placement solution that automates ensemble-based reservoir modeling. Based on AI and automation, the solution helps Petoro to accelerate and improve offshore field development planning and well target selection.

Adapting onshore lower completions technology to offshore developments

Proven completion technologies combine for an inventive pairing to create an effective, innovative solution.

Dynamic kick & loss detection for improved well integrity

A next-generation integrity, based on more precise, real-time wellbore fluid monitoring.

Value driven well integrity solutions also help reduce carbon footprints

Engineering experts are examining existing well integrity operations and pushing boundaries to discover and develop new ways of working. One company is transforming well operations by focusing on inventing innovative and environmentally aware downhole tool solutions.

New offshore wind projects poised to contribute to energy transition

Power generation from offshore wind turbines is projected to increase 700% over the next 10 years. Developing local supply chains in Europe and the U.S. will increase efficiency, reduce costs and help drive a green recovery, post-Covid-19.

Are oil and gas and renewables really worlds apart?

An in-depth analysis takes a step back for a big picture look at the two sides of the energy transition and reveals several interesting synergies.

Biden turns to America’s enemies to solve energy problems of his own making

In the face of rising gasoline prices, U.S. President Joe Biden has instructed his administration to turn to the likes of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia to produce more crude while keeping restrictions on American oil and gas in place.

Opinion: Giving Scotland’s green party an inch makes them a ruler

Taking a page from the Neville Chamberlain Handbook for Diplomacy, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is lobbying the UK to take actions that will ultimately lead to a disorganized and very costly end to fossil fuel development in the Scottish sector of the North Sea.

Electrifying offshore oil and gas facilities with floating wind turbines

Two senior marine construction executives provide an in-depth analysis of an innovative proposal to use electricity from floating wind turbines to power offshore oil and gas operations to reduce GHG.

Breathing life into brownfields: Innovation to extend asset life

Brownfield expansions have always been an available option, but new technology and a commitment to reducing total expenditure have changed the way that the industry thinks about, and executes, life extension projects.

ShaleTech: Eagle Ford Shale–Austin Chalk

“Improving fundamentals” aside, production dips below Covid-riddled 2020

Engineering and upscaling of new floating wind energy platform

An innovative concrete, floating wind turbine platform is designed to reduce costs for electricity-generating installations in water depths of 45 m or greater

Industry must find ways to survive increasingly authoritarian U.S. government

From killing the Keystone XL pipeline to federal land usage, leasing bans, wastewater disposal and tax treatment, the Biden administration is waging a full-scale assault on the U.S. upstream oil and gas industry.

Rigs as reefs: An opportunity for creative, sustainable resource management

Rigs to Reefs programs provide a viable alternative to traditional decommissioning, and a replicable, scalable solution that can catalyze sustainable ocean resource development.

Maximizing recovery: Leveraging artificial lift to recover more production from existing wells

An advanced, innovative stuffing box, engineered specifically for harsh conditions, helps to reduce pollution while extending well life and expanding operating ranges.

Oil and gas in the Capitals

Glasgow COP 26: An event among others?

First oil

U.S. shale operators deserve credit for restraint

What's new in production

3D proppant mapping

The ESG perspective

How do we measure success?

Executive viewpoint

The contribution of oil to society

The last barrel

Uncharacteristic restraint

Industry at a glance

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