November 2014
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New products and services

New products and services
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Fann launches HPHT test cell for drilling fluid applications

Fann Instrument Company has introduced the HPHT Safe Cell, a high-pressure, high-temperature test cell for use in drilling fluids testing.  Current industry-standard chamber designs allow the operator to remove the cap from the cell while under pressure.  The Safe Cell has a two-piece threaded cap design, eliminating the operator’s ability to open the pressurized vessel.  The product uses the CellTell Positive Pressure indicator to show pressure status at a glance, warning users when the cell is pressurized. The screw-in end cap allows the cell to be opened and closed by hand. No cell clamp is required, because the cap cannot be removed while under pressure.

Paradigm releases update for imaging suite

Paradigm has released an extension of its Paradigm 14 solution suite.  Paradigm 14.1 enables broadband processing, HD imaging, quantitative interpretation, and advances toward high-definition earth modeling.  The new release lets users extend their workflows by using SKUA-GOCAD earth models to delineate, with high fidelity, the most relevant geological features of the subsurface. Paradigm also has released Geolog 7.2, which interactive 3D borehole image displays, new Epos database access controls, support for raster loading, and assessment of uncertainty on predicted logs in Facimage.

Winters releases transmitters for extreme environments

Winters Instruments has launched a line of explosion-proof (LXP series) and intrinsically safe (LS series) pressure transmitters. Designed for harsh environments, the LXP and LIS series transmitters feature stainless steel construction. The LXP transmitter is available with ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi while the LIS transmitter has ranges from vacuum to 8,700 psi. Both offer mA and Vdc output options.

Invizion updates analyzer software

InVizion LLC has released version 2.0 of its InVizion Analyzer software for scenario planning and what-if analysis. The software enables executives and program managers to integrate multiple scopes, schedules and dependencies, along with funding sources, budgets and other constraints, into one model with sufficient granularity for scenario planning.

Fracture analysis services aim to increase production and recovery

Baker Hughes has released its StageWatch fracture analysis services that include monitoring sleeves and retrievable pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges to collect P/T data. In the post-acquisition phase of data, the StageWatch services pair P/T data with additional information, to learn more about subsurface formations, reservoirs and fields. The StageWatch P/T gauges are housed in a monitoring sleeve, which is run in the hole as part of the casing string, to record pressure and temperature in the wellbore before, during, and after, fracturing operations. Sleeves can be placed anywhere in the wellbore, so data can be captured from multiple zones without modifying the existing casing program. After the fracturing job is complete, all of the P/T gauges are retrieved in a single run, using a coiled-tubing bottomhole assembly. The full set of acquired data can be downloaded from the gauges and processed to characterize the reservoir, the fracture network, and the production potential.

WellDog, Shell team up to identify hydrocarbons

WellDog has collaborated with Shell to develop the Sweet Spot Sensor, a technical service for locating and determining the presence of natural gas, NGL and condensate in shale formations.  Shell is leading beta trials of the service, which is being adapted for shale applications. The technology
can tell operators where to land their laterals, and could lead to a 30-50% reduction in fracing stages and fluid use.

Claxton releases infographic guide to North Sea well abandonment

Claxton, an Acteon company, has released an infographic guide to well abandonment costs in the North Sea. The infographic highlights the costs that operators are facing, as operators plan future campaigns. Oil and gas UK has estimated North Sea platform abandonment costs at around BRITISH POUND 4.8 million per well.

American Sensor transducer is explosion-proof, non-incendiary

American Sensor Technologies, Inc. has released an explosion-proof and non-incendive versions of its differential pressure transducer model AST5400. This addition compliments AST’s other products in the hazardous location market. The product is capable of measuring line pressures up to 5,000 psi (350 bar), providing an output signal of analog voltage or 4-20mA. Bi-directional calibration is available.

HDI Instruments introduces single-piece mud gauge system

HDI Instruments has released its 2000P Mud/Standpipe Gauge System The system is a lollipop style, vibration-resistant, single piece, self-contained configuration with a local display and optional remote signal display. HDI has also integrated its 9000 Choke Console and 3200 Mud Gas Separator Monitoring System for the individual rig’s needs.

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