July 2014
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New products and services

New products and services
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Reservoir mapping-while-drilling service reveals subsurface features

Schlumberger has introduced its GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service. The new technology reveals features in subsurface beddings, and fluid contacts at the reservoir scale, to optimize well landing operations, steering capabilities and mapping of multiple boundaries, using new deep-directional resistivity measurements enabled by proprietary real-time interpretation techniques. With a deep range of investigation that extends more than 100 ft from the wellbore, drilling teams can use the GeoSphere service to reduce drilling risk and accurately land wells, resulting in the elimination of pilot holes. The real-time reservoir mapping-while-drilling service also enables the positioning of wells within target reservoirs, away from fluid boundaries, leading to increased reservoir exposure, as well as allowing geoscientists to refine their seismic interpretation, and geological and structural models.


Solution monitors subsea BOP conditions

Cameron has debuted two new products: the Cognition Stack Instrumentation Infrastructure package and the EVO 300 Bonnet technology. The Cognition package offers a new way to monitor subsea BOP stack functions from the surface, while the stack is deployed subsea. The Cognition package provides a network of new sensors, resilient communication paths to transmit sensor data to the surface, and the analytics, alerts and alarms to turn the data into insights about the condition of the subsea BOP. In addition to the Cognition package, Cameron also introduced the EVO 300 Bonnet. The product addresses drillers’ need to shear stronger, thicker tubulars and provides 54% greater ram closing force versus earlier bonnets. 


Gravel-pack solution improves efficiency, reduces risk

Baker Hughes has commercialized its patent-pending, TORRENT openhole gravel-pack solution, which combines a field-proven, multi-path gravel-pack screen; specialized, ultra-lightweight proppants; and a reliable gravel-pack system to provide reliable, long-term sand control and profitable field development. The EXCELLPAK multi-path screen provides multiple, interconnected flow paths to transport slurry over the entire length of the screen, regardless of annular obstructions. To reduce operational requirements and HSE risks, the solution also includes a selection of the company’s LiteProp ultralight weight proppants. The low density of the proppants keeps it suspended, enabling lower pumping rates to reduce friction and improve efficiency in long horizontal applications. Additionally, the SC-XP gravel pack system features a swab-resistant V0-rated packer element that enables fast conveyance and withstands high circulation rates. Rounding out the solution is gravel-pack simulation software that allows comprehensive job planning and real-time decision-making during deployment. 


DOT/DNV-certified mud skips/cutting boxes added to product line

Hoover Container Solutions, a subsidiary of Hoover Group, Inc., has added a new DOT/DNV-certified mud skip/cutting box to its offshore product line for transportation and safe handling of hydrocarbon-contaminated drill cuttings, to and from offshore platforms. The mud skips/cutting boxes have patented sliding doors and a removable crank handle, and the units provide a safe, efficient means for containment of drilling waste for transportation to treatment or disposal sites. The units are designed and manufactured to DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079/DOT 49CFR176.340 standards, and have certified slings, complete with shackles, in accordance with DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 standards.


Solid steel, inexpensive casing patch provides permanent seal

Enventure has introduced the ESeal Patch, a new casing patch technology that utilizes a unique permanent, inexpensive casing patch solution that reliably restores well integrity. The expandable casing patch is a solid steel liner that seals short sections of damaged casing and perforations. The new technology utilizes elastomer seals deployed top and bottom, and, once expanded, the elastomer seals anchor the system to the base pipe. This design provides a quick, inexpensive and permanent seal, while reinforcing short casing sections, restoring well integrity and prolonging well life.


Inline viscometer maintains integrity at extremely high pressures

Sofraser’s new Sofeat inline viscometer can reach pressures up to 1,900 bar, a performance unequalled for process viscosity measurement using vibrating technology. Featuring a high-pressure mounting flange, highly resistant materials, and design improvements to the sensing element, the sensor performs under very high-viscosity environments, without a loss of sensitivity. Up to 300°C, it can resist pressures of up to 1,400 bar; increasing up to 1,900 bar at ambient temperature. The viscometer has applications in fracturing, drilling and PVT (pressure, volume and temperature) experiments.


Subsea ROV accommodates large payloads

Deep Blue Engineering UK Ltd. has introduced the Shuttle Sub, a new lift and deployment system in the form of a large-payload-carrying, remotely operated vehicle (ROV). It does not require an additional ROV to conduct visual monitoring or connector installation activities subsea; instead, technicians on a support vessel carry out these tasks remotely. The Shuttle Sub is unique, in that it is also the payload carrier, transferring deployment and retrieval tasks to the ROV, providing optimum control and removing the need for lift line-based operations.


Innovations customized for oil, gas needs

SKF has introduced several new products for the oil and gas industry, including tapered roller thrust bearings, locking T-seals and low-torque operator gate valve assemblies. The company’s roller thrust bearings for top drives are characterized by their high load-carrying capacity and ability to accommodate shock loads. The patented SKF locking T-seals offer a robust replacement option for conventional T-seals and spring back-up seals. Additionally, the designs of SKF’s low-torque operator gate valve assemblies for high-pressure wellhead systems simplify installation and field retrofit.


Mooring component allows for quick release

Delmar Systems has introduced the Delmar Quick Release (DQR), an in-line mooring component with a simple mechanical release that allows the rig to safely and efficiently offset or depart from a moored location in an emergency, with or without the use of support vessels. The DQR can be used with any anchor foundation and allows for safe mooring of DP rigs, as well as traditional moored rigs. Additionally, the DQR can be reconnected in the field, without recovery to shore, by simply replacing the shear pin.



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