Issue: March 2012

Special Focus

Fiber-optic coiled tubing logging improves reliability of water shut-off in Saudi oil well

World’s first application of fiber-optic CT logging in an openhole completion for an oil well in Saudi Arabia enabled accurate evaluation of well conditions, depth control and monitoring bottomhole parameters, to allow proper placement of WSO fluids into the target zone and isolate water producing intervals.


Regional Report India: After a flurry of discoveries in 2002-04, oil and gas operators in India now have twin aims: bring to early production new fields and enhance production from mature fields

After China, India is the leading country in the eastern hemisphere, with an enormous economic incentive to explore for oil and gas. Over the last five years, India’s import dependency for crude oil and petroleum products has increased from 71.9% to 76.5%.

Shale Energy: Fayetteville remaining potential awaits higher prices

Over the last several years, it’s been a rollercoaster existence for the Fayetteville, the second-longest producing shale play in the U.S., exceeded only by the Barnett in North Texas. Since May 2001, there has been natural gas production from the Fayetteville, although drilling did not begin in earnest until 2002 and 2003.

Mobility and conformance control for carbon dioxide EOR–Part 1

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy recently released an in-depth study reviewing over 40 years of carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) research related to mobility and conformance control. This is the first of four articles based on that report.

Record HPHT Norwegian well drilled with MPD flow detection and control

An extreme HPHT exploratory well reached TD with optimal hole size, using MPD methods to maintain an overbalanced wellbore and handle breathing events.

Smart upstream collaboration centers: Design, technology support and lessons learned

While optimizing collaboration center utilization, Saudi Aramco has identified key benefits, including delivery of cost-effective, fully integrated, multidisciplinary decisions.

Special Report

Geology & Geophysics: AAPG at a glance

World Oil is pleased to introduce a special section on Geology & Geophysics (G&G). These sections are timed with the major G&G industry conferences: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

Geology & Geophysics: How local variations in thermal maturity affect shale oil economics and producibility

Geochemical analysis of Eagle Ford oils from First Shot field illustrates how areas with higher thermal maturity have better-quality oils that are both easier to produce and less costly to refine.

Geology & Geophysics: Oil fingerprinting dramatically reduces production allocation costs

Effective field development strategies require operators to know what portion of original resources has not yet been produced. Determining not-yet-produced resources can be a complex challenge when production is commingled from multiple zones. A new technique has been developed that achieves production allocation at a fraction of the cost. 


Drilling advances

Shrimp boats and icebreakers: No place but Louisiana

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(Incentive + Faith) × Momentum = Growth

Energy Issues

Into the fracas

Executive Viewpoint

Too many variables, too little time… crafting strategy under ambiguity

Innovative thinkers

Harry Smith:
The journey to 83 well logging patents

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Oil or eminent domain? China and the Spratlys

What’s new in exploration

The great Alaska shale rush

What's new in production

Shale gas development and the public mind—Educating trogs and smart idiots

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Cyprus offers seismic data for licensing round

Industry At A Glance

International Offshore Rigs

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Drilling Rigs

International Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

US Gas Prices ($/MCF) & Production (BCFD)

Monthly US Gas Prices and Trends ($/Mcf)

Selected World Oil Prices

Selected World Oil Prices Graph

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Workover Rig Count

Workover Rig Count

World Oil and NGL Production

World Oil and NGL Production Table

Technology is key enabler of shale production while minimizing environmental impact

The single greatest technological development that has made the production of oil and gas from shale economically feasible is the ability to deviate vertical boreholes into horizontal laterals, extending 10,000 ft or more. Numerous problems were overcome to allow cementing, perforating and radial distribution of multiple horizontal laterals from a single vertical well.

Hydraulic fracture optimization in unconventional reservoirs

Often overlooked, conductivity can have a significant impact on both the long- and short-term productivity of a well, which can ultimately determine the well’s profitability.

Microseismic reservoir pressure monitoring advances hydraulic stimulation effectiveness in Bakken shale

Bill Coates, CEO of MicroSeismic, explains how passive seismic technology is poised to be the next enabler for unconventional reservoir development, and how one operator’s early adoption is setting it apart from the pack.

Can hydraulic fracturing cause earthquakes?

During the last several years, there has been media speculation about the connection between earthquakes and oil and gas operations in general, and hydraulic fracturing in particular. For people who live near oil and gas producing areas, this can cause understandable anxiety and discomfort.

What’s new in fracturing

What's new in fracturing: FRAC Tank, OilPlus, Fracology, Gyptron T-475, Datalog’s Logging While Tripping, HD-2500 pump, M-41/1000, FracSET, Intelligent Frac Monitoring System, QuickFRAC, Multistage Unlimited, T3 Frac Manifold Optimization System, PosiFrac Straddle System, Single Pad Multi-well Manifold
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