Issue: August 2012

Special Focus

Industry focuses on compliance, rig innovation

With high oil prices as the incentive, deepwater operators are increasing worldwide activity and launching innovative floating structures for drilling and production. In the post-Macondo world, they must also meet the challenges of stringent safety and spill containment rules.


Bringing new life to dead wells with integrated casing exit, solid expandable technologies

A six-well workover campaign at Hassi Messaoud field in Algeria used shallow-angle casing exit technology in conjunction with solid expandable liner systems to optimize a workover campaign and revitalize an aging field.

Intelligent well completions strategy increases thermal recovery in SAGD wells

Intelligent well technology and interval control valves were used to improve steam injection and production conformance in a thermal-enhanced oil recovery system in a northern Alberta SAGD well pair. A combination of zonal isolation, selective steam injection and monitoring can add substantial value to field developments, increasing energy efficiency and oil recovery.

ShaleTech: International shale resource assessment goes on, but discoveries remain elusive

Around the world, shale assessments are underway in an attempt to emulate the success of shale gas and liquids production in North America. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) issued a report in April 2011 that discusses 48 shale gas basins in 32 countries (not including the U.S.), which contain about 70 shale gas formations. Initial estimates of technically recoverable shale gas resources in these countries examined is 5,760 Tcf.

Openhole packers for advanced horizontal completions

Part 2. The first of this two-part article series described various types of wellbore isolation packers and discussed openhole packers in general. In Part 2, the authors discuss how the openhole packers can be applied in advanced horizontal completions to improve well production and control undesired fluid breakthrough.

Regional Report - Offshore Africa: Following the discovery of Jubilee field, operators are chasing Upper Cretaceous, pre-salt and deep horizon opportunities in West Africa and significant gas accumulations offshore East Africa.

The vast African continent is considered to have some of the last remaining hydrocarbon frontiers in the world. Excluding North African countries such as Egypt, Algeria and Libya, and the Sub-Saharan Africa countries of Nigeria, Angola and Gabon, where exploration has been ongoing for decades, exploration in the rest of the continent has been minimal. This article looks at frontier offshore exploration in three key regions: Gulf of Guinea, West Africa pre-salt and East Africa.

Self-mitigating sand screen shows significant reliability improvement

A new screen technology that compartmentalizes sand ingress is the product of a joint development project aimed at improving sand control reliability without interrupting production.

North American Outlook

Canadian activity levels out amid growing uncertainty

Political and pipelining concerns are clouding the picture for an E&P sector that has been riding oil activity to prosperity.

Mexico works on rebuilding its crude oil output

Concerned about lagging crude oil production, Mexico is increasing its capital expenditures over the next several years to stabilize output and then grow it. Last year, Pemex spent $19.1 billion on capital projects, of which more than 80% was spent on upstream work. This year, the firm will raise capital spending 21.5% to $23.2 billion, of which 85%, or $19.7 billion, will be dedicated to E&P projects.

U.S. drilling hits a plateau

Weakness in crude oil prices, coupled with uncertainty about the presidential election and future economic performance, has caused U.S. drilling to go sideways. A trend was already present at the beginning of this year, whereby operators were steering large amounts of capital spending away from dry gas drilling. This factor has now been exacerbated by such a shift toward oil and NGL-directed drilling, that it has boosted liquids production fast enough to depress liquids prices in the short term,


Drilling advances

Take your regulator to dinner

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Unconventional gas is here to stay

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A fine balance

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Greg Stemm: Acoustics, ROVs and deep-sea shipwrecks

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Asia’s tiger and lion on a global E&P hunt

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Argentina’s president turns up the rhetoric 

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Petroleum geochemistry expanding

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Pre-salt to propel Brazil toward the top

Magda Chambriad, general director of the Brazil Petroleum Agency (ANP), points to the pre-salt clusters of the deepwater Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo basins to explain the terrifically bullish prospects for the nation’s E&P sector.

RTM technology improves salt imaging in the Santos basin

Despite the relative simplicity of Santos basin geology, experience shows that seismic imaging of pre-salt plays can be improved considerably when two-way wave equation with Reverse Time Migration is employed in the model building phase.

Deepwater trials validate RSS feasibility in directional salt drilling

In a first-ever test, new-generation RSS and MWD technologies achieved a maximum DLS of 3.95°/30 m with only 81% of the RSS steer force in the 17½-in. section. The trials also validated the advanced RSS’s capacity to kick-off successfully from near-vertical in salt.

Planning and implementing an EOR project for the pre-salt Lula field

Lula field reservoir studies indicate that an EOR miscible method, CO2 and/or gas injection alternated with water, can improve ultimate recovery.

What’s new offshore Brazil

What’s new offshore Brazil. In March 2012, global travel management company Wings Travel Management, which specializes in oil and gas, corporate and marine travel, entered the Brazilian market throughout the acquisition of V7 Viagens travel-management company.
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