September 2007
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Oil shear braking system Offshore Source, LLC, has introduced an oil-shear braking system. The technology uses multiple friction disks cooled in recirculating transmission fluid. The result is precision control and greater longevity. The Drill Master Brake can serve as an energy absorber for winch, tensioning and drilling applications requiring high torque, low speed and precise weight-on-bit control. The smooth oil shear system eliminates the stick-slip and chatter common with low-speed drum rotation in hard rock formations. Also, by using the fluid for lubrication and cooling, the life under load is much longer, allowing for continuous drilling for weeks or months with no change in characteristics. The quick response piston and low inertia are also beneficial for drilling under varying load conditions such as rock to sand to shale, without interruption of drilling operations. The system features a totally enclosed design to protect equipment from the elements.
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