September 2007

A low-cost monitoring alternative for unconventional gas

Producers of unconventional gas fields are often forced to rely on group metering, since the cost of metering individual wells by conventional Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) cannot be justified for the lower production volumes in these fields. This can lead to higher operational costs and lower production, because operators do not have data from specific wells that would allow them to optimize service operations, minimize downtime and maximize production. A low-cost monitoring solution has been developed specifically targeted at unconventional wells. Advanced Flow Technologies’ Flow-Net is a Web-based system that is easy to install and non-intrusive, using an acoustic sensor clamped to the outside of the pipe or wellhead. An optional pressure sensor can be added. Pengrowth has applied the monitoring system to the North Twining coalbed methane (CBM) field. The system has been used to monitor new well production, optimize water removal, optimize gathering systems and enhance reporting above and beyond conventional spot-testing methods.
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