July 2007
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New Products 
Vol. 228 No. 7 

Collapsed-tubing opener

TIW has developed the CTO (Casing-Tubing Opener), designed to open collapsed casing or tubing. This system utilizes a hydraulic multistage power section, similar to the setting tool for the ELH Liner System. A mechanical set anchor is added above the power section, with a staged expansion anvil below. The tool is run in the casing to the collapse point, and the anchor is set with rotation. Hydraulic pressure activates the power section, which drives the anvil through the collapsed pipe. Successful testing has been completed on the 5½-in. 17# L-80. A total of 90 ft of collapsed 5½ casing was successfully opened in testing at the company’s R&D facility, and an additional 85 ft was successfully opened in a test well.

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Real-time viscometer

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc., has introduced its TT100 in-line viscometer, a device for continuous real-time drilling fluid viscosity measurement. It can provide data at multiple rpm/shear rates, and allows customers the potential to determine real-time annular hydraulics as well. The TT100, combined with a data logging system, can provide real-time yield point, plastic viscosity and apparent viscosity information, giving users the opportunity to view Power Law and other calculations continuously.

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Data integration software

Geotrace announced the introduction of the first of its two-phased Diamond Integrated Geosciences Environment system, a software platform for processing and integrating the disparate data types and formats involved in E&P. In development for 17 months, the first phase of the platform is capable of processing and integrating data types such as seismic data, well logs, core data, production data and reservoir models, so that they can be accessed and used through one software platform. Phase two, which will increase the software platform’s functionality, is scheduled to be complete by year-end. The system was created to take full advantage of more modern hardware architectures, such as LINUX clusters and some of the new distributed data storage solutions. It was also expanded so that it fully integrates with Tigress services and software tools. While Diamond provides fast and efficient processing and the use of large seismic data volumes, Tigress offers the same capabilities for petrophysical, geological, production and other downstream data types.

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Oil skimming guide

Abanaki Corp., US supplier of oil skimming equipment, has published a detailed technical guide on the company’s capabilities. Abanaki’s Oil Skimming Engineering Specification E-Book includes detailed engineering drawings, and covers motor types and belt selection for the company’s full line of oil skimming products. Oil skimming uses the difference in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up hydrocarbons as a belt passes through water. Abanaki’s PetroXtractor is a low-cost method of removing oil and fuel from ground water, at rates up to 12 gph. An electronic version of the guide is also available.

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Non-petroleum thread compound

Statoil Lubricant has released a multifunction thread compound into the US market. Used in the North Sea for more than two years, MULTI DOPE is formulated with readily biodegradable synthetic esters and a specially developed thickener. It contains non-metallic solids to separate the surfaces and provide good lubricity. The product can be used on drillpipe, casing, for jacking and skidding, on top drive stuffing boxes and as a storage compound. It is HOCNF certified. A non-petrochemical product, it has excellent low and high-temperature performance characteristics, a low friction coefficient and high load-carrying capacity. MULTI DOPE provides excellent corrosion protection. It will not drip or settle out, and exhibits good adhesive to both wet and dry surfaces. It can be easily removed.

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Fracture modeling software

 Roxar has released the latest version of its fracture modeling software, FracPerm 2.0. It is an integrated, easy-to-use package that enables geologists and reservoir engineers to create detailed permeability maps used in flow simulation and history matching of reservoirs. Along with the company’s modeling software, IRAP RMS, FracPerm 2.0 combines data, geological properties, geo-statistics and geo-history in a data-driven approach, designed to make maximum use of available data and allow rapid and interactive quality control of the model as it is being built.  Additions in the new version include a redesigned interface, simplified workflow and a new plug-in structure, which allows the reservoir better integration and customization with other software tools. It has new grid-handling capabilities that extend and enhance the product’s stability over a wide range of scenarios. Refinements in the editing loops make the workflow more efficient, allowing models to be rapidly updated as the field matures. Platform-independent, it also builds explicit fracture models and trend maps, which identify fracture density and orientation. Where significant uncertainty exists, such as in the aperture of the fractures, multiple equi-probable models can be created and their simulation performance assessed.

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