July 2007
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DRILLING OUTLOOK World Oil’s annual midyear forecast takes an updated look at drilling activity in North America. Included in the forecast are special reports on activity in the US, Canada and Mexico. Forecasts are based on World Oil’s exclusive governmental and operator surveys. Unusually high oil and gas prices have provided operators, particularly independents, with unexpected cash windfalls that they are plowing back into drilling and production enhancement.

The editor of The Land Rig Newsletter gives his midyear report to World Oil on land rig use in the US and Canada. US and Canadian operators, during this past year, have received numerous newbuilds that were ordered earlier. Some older rigs are being stacked, some newbuilds are still on order, while some are being “shaken down” during initial service. All this against a backdrop that, since gas inventories have remained stubbornly high, this year will be a repeat of last year, at least in terms of fear of lower prices.

A report from ODS Petrodata examines the North American offshore rig market, with emphasis on trends in such markets as deepwater drilling in Mexico.

And a special report from the consultancy Energia on the looming problem of offshore cross-country field allocation between Mexico and the US. This is not a settled issue, but it will need to be settled soon, given the spate of deepwater discoveries in the SW Gulf of Mexico.


An international consultancy discusses the most recent North Sea drilling and development activity, as well as governmental policy changes that affect the upstream oil and gas industry.


Coalbed methane report. Based on World Oil surveys of US and Canadian coalbed methane well drilling activity, including permits and operator forecasts, this report provides the data needed to make informed judgments about the next 6 to 12 months.

A World Oil report on the new reserves definitions, especially as they apply to unconventional oil, and our take on how these affect the definitions of proved reserves


A major oil company compared data from its Gulf of Mexico wells, which were completed with and without a new fines-stabilization agent made by BJ Services, and found a significant difference in post-completion results.


Directional control in soft sediment. This article presents a case study of the use of a large ID, rotary steerable system. Authors from Schlumberger and BP tell the story.


Baker Hughes Centrilift and Anadarko Petroleum describe the reasons for the first riser-deployed ESP in the Gulf of Mexico. This deepwater deployment proved to be the right application to extend field life and add to the bottom line.


Simple, practical reminders of how stock tank set-up and maintenance can maximize the amount of oil going through the sales meters, from an independent consultant with the experience to know how to tweak the stock-tank system.


Naphthenate salt issues in oil production. Various naphthenic acids are present in most crude oils in some form. Problems occur when nephthenic acids come in contact with high-pH connate waters. The problems start at the interface and can lead to problems with organic deposition, oil and water separation and, ultimately, water quality. The article reviews the characterization, problems caused by and remediation of naphthenate salt problems. Cases are reviewed from direct experience and literature, emphasizing the upstream environment.

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