December 2007
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New Products 
Vol. 228 No. 12 

Temporary deck barricade

The Temporary Barricade System, built by Integrated Product Design (IPD) of Lafayette, La., and sold by Fire & Safety Specialists, is designed to temporarily replace damaged or missing handrails so work may continue on offshore platforms with virtually no downtime. The system is a pre-fabricated solution that requires no welding and replaces the practice of fashioning a temporary blockade with scrap metal bars. The barricade can span open holes, hazards, stairways and missing handrail sections-even on the Plus 10 Deck-reducing the chance of injuries or infractions. The system consists of nylon straps tethered across aluminum posts, which have endured horizontal deflection testing to 980 lb. Each kit contains four free-standing units that expand to 10 ft, providing 40 linear ft of protection. When not in use, the barricade stores compactly in its own carrying case that can be transported by helicopter or stored under a bunk..

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Auto-darkening welder helmet

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new Digital Elite Series auto-darkening welding helmets allow the use of one helmet for welding, cutting and grinding. The helmet allows the user to quickly switch between four modes-welding, cutting, grinding and X-mode-while retaining the user’s preferences for shade, sensitivity and delay. The X-mode electromagnetically senses the arc, providing full protection for those instances when there is an arc present, but the sensors are obstructed. It eliminates interference from sunlight and out-of-position welding angles, such as those found in pipe welding or in obstructed or hidden-cavity welds.


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Portable gas detectors

3M has introduced easy-to-use, portable gas detectors to its line of safety equipment for the oil and gas industry. The gas detectors include the 3M Multi-Gas Detector 950 Series and the 3M Multi-Gas Detector 740 Series. The 950 Series detector can identify up to five gases simultaneously and features reporting capacity through its 3M Know Your Air software. The 740 Series is designed for durability, convenience and low operating costs, and is suited for use in scenarios where potentially hazardous levels of CO, H2S, O2 or combustible gases may be found. In addition, The company offers the 3M Single-Gas Detector 450 Series, a low-maintenance detector with nine sensor options and the 110 Series for detection of H2S, CO or O2 gases. The units can be clipped to a pocket, belt or hardhat.

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Velocity modeling

A new modeling methodology from Knowledge Systems has been developed that improves the quality and reliability of seismic data. The technology combines seismic data and basin modeling data to develop more precise earth models for the identification of prospects, well planning and drilling operations. Seismic data quality and reliability varies with depth, and spatially across any analysis area, due to the presence of salt, surface statics problems, gas chimneys and many other causes. The new modeling methodology improves seismic data reliability by fully integrating basin geopressure modeling, geostatistical analysis and seismic reprocessing, resulting in more accurate pressure prediction in areas of poor velocity data quality and improved well placement and target qualification. The model processing involves creation of an earth model using available well and/or seismic data. Data is calibrated, velocities along significant geologic surfaces are analyzed, and the model is then updated. Pressures predicted by this updated model are converted to interval velocities and used to guide the reprocessing of the seismic data-which is then used to create an improved depth image. The process yields several key results, including seismic data calibration to control well data, identification of stratigraphic pressure surfaces using existing velocity data and an improved velocity field to use in reprocessing seismic data as an input to tomographic inversion or data migration.

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