KEPCO joins partnership to develop DemoSATH offshore wind project

World Oil Staff August 07, 2023

(WO) – The Japanese utility Kansai Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has signed an agreement with Saitec Offshore Technologies, joining the DemoSATH offshore wind project as a strategic partner and co-investor. KEPCO's involvement further strengthens the project's foundation and accelerates its progress. Drawing on its extensive experience and expertise in the energy sector, KEPCO is set to provide invaluable insights that drive innovation and contribute to the project's success.

The partnership framework remains flexible and open, allowing both companies to embrace new opportunities to drive innovation in the offshore wind industry. This forward-looking approach enables continuous exploration and advancement within the field, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and progress.

With this partnership, KEPCO becomes the second world-class utility to join DemoSATH Project since RWE Offshore Wind is already part of the project from 2020. The collaboration between Saitec Offshore Technologies, RWE Offshore Wind, and now KEPCO, creates a powerful alliance that will drive innovation, accelerate the commercialization of the SATH floating wind solution, and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. Together, these companies will leverage their collective resources, knowledge, and expertise to maximize the success of the DemoSATH project and advance the adoption of floating wind technology on a global scale.

The 2MW unit using SATH Technology will be deployed in a test field (BIMEP) located two miles off the Basque coast, in an area with a water depth of 85 m, during the summer of 2023. This demonstration project aims to assess the technology's potential for industrialization in offshore wind farms in deep waters. The DemoSATH project seeks to drive innovation, enhance the feasibility of floating offshore wind projects, and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

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