Concord partners with Progressive Drilling Solutions to bring AWP training to Saudi Arabia

August 02, 2022

Academy and Progressive Drilling Solutions (PDS) have entered into a new partnership to make world-class Advanced Work Packaging training and consulting available to capital project professionals in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East.

With this agreement, PDS becomes a key Concord partner in the Middle East, bringing purpose-built, ISO 9001-certified training opportunities to the capital projects sector through Concord's accessible, affordable online platform. 

"We recognize Concord as one of the most valuable consulting companies in the global capital projects industry, and we look forward to partnering with Olfa Hamdi and her team to become the leader in capital project consulting and training services in the Middle East," Progressive Drilling Solutions CEO Amerr Mahgoub said.

Vice President of Business Development Mahmood Somali said the company is committed to bringing predictable project delivery tools to companies in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

"We are looking forward to introducing innovative new tools and processes that drive efficient, on-time and on-budget delivery of oil, gas, mining and construction projects in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East," Somali said. 

The Concord Academy is the world's first ISO 9001-certified online training and certification program for capital project professionals. Flagship courses include Advanced Work Packaging Fundamentals, Workface Planning and AWP Implementation Champion, all offering foundational, standardized training in key concepts and practical applications.

"Our mission is to educate and empower capital project professionals so they can deliver their work on time and on budget, and partnering with PDS will help us achieve this goal," Concord Academy Director Olfa Hamdi said. 

"Concord training is designed to provide a robust, standardized education in cutting-edge capital project management best practices, built on a proven foundation of Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking™," Hamdi added. "We're working hard to secure our position as the go-to choice for professional certification in our sector, and we look forward to partnering with PDS to bring high-quality training to Saudi Arabia and beyond."

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