TitanLiner exclusively manufactures, distributes RoboLiner® polyurea sprayed Rroles for use as secondary containment


TitanLiner announced that it is the exclusive manufacturer and distributer of polyurea sprayed roles for environmental, secondary-containment for the industry.

TitanLiner’s new RoboLiner® product line is based on the same proprietary formulation of polyurea chemistry found in many of its existing products including PortaShield™, LocationShield™, TempShield™ as well as TitanShield Coating™.

Mark McIntyre, Vice President of Business Development for TitanLiner, commented, “We are very excited about the release of this new product. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can now ship RoboLiner in rolled form, directly to customers for quicker and easier installation. This is the same polyurea-based chemistry that is fast becoming the secondary containment system of choice for many industries.”

The introduction of RoboLiner provides a product that can be delivered quickly to the project site. Installation of RoboLiner can be performed by TitanLiner installation experts or by the customer. This new product is applicable to a wide range of industries that require secondary containment to contain spills and leaks, prevents release to the environment and aids in cleanup in the event of a spill or leak.

RoboLiner is manufactured in a consistent thickness to meet specific job specifications. It arrives at the job site fully cured and ready for installation and is much more efficient than hand spraying.

RoboLiner is bondable and paintable and is flexible, so it accommodates movement of the substrate. It can be used in industries as diverse as:

  • Oil and gas drilling/completion sites
  • Storage tanks/tank batteries
  • Refineries
  • Construction and other heavy industrial sites
  • Wind and solar farms
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants

RoboLiner adds to TitanLiner’s portfolio of proven secondary-containment systems including permanent systems, temporary systems, portable systems, large area protection and coatings. All systems are designed to protect the job site, equipment and the environment. TitanLiner is the exclusive manufacturer of RoboLiner. It is created with a robotic, computer-controlled process at Titan’s facility in Cresson, Texas.

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