Oil States Industries introduces first riser rated for 15,000 PSI, HPHT and sour service


Oil States Industries, Inc. (OSI), a global provider of manufactured products and services for the traditional and renewable energy sectors, announced its new Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System. The first riser system ISO13628-7 rated for 126° C, sour service and 15,000 psi, the award-winning Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System unlocks greater speed, economy, performance and safety necessary for operators to explore previously untapped wells to increase production.

Developed with TotalEnergies, the Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser enables drilling of high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) wells in shallow water from a jackup rig, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per well compared to using traditional higher specification semi-submersible rigs. It also offers simple plug-and-play advantages compared to conventional flanged systems.

Traditional shallow water risers use numerous nuts and bolts per connection that must be replaced every time a well is drilled, leading to significant cost and nonproductive time (NPT). The Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System eliminates nuts and bolts, employing just two parts to substantially reduce failure points, fatigue, costs and maintenance. This simplicity streamlines riser deployment and enables operators to run surface to wellhead in one shift.

The system features the field-proven Merlin™ Connector, which enables a 10-minute make-up time even without OSI’s automated riser spider, compared to hours of make-up time with conventional flanged systems. This provides operators greater predictability and reliability in the field.

In addition to offering exceptional load capacity and fatigue performance, the Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System also helps operators reduce capex and maintenance costs. It is available for rent or sale in diameters starting at 17 ¼” and is rated up to 15,000 psi.

“It’s more important than ever for operators to reduce costs and maximize drilling efficiency,” said Brian Mizell, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for OSI. “Higher performance is standard with the Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System. It enables operators to drill previously inaccessible wells to unlock additional production, while promoting faster make-up time, reducing fatigue, eliminating failure points and increasing safety.”

Through a global footprint spanning 14 countries and more than 1,300 employees, OSI leverages its engineering and analysis, manufacturing, testing, and offshore operational experience to provide integrated systems and services. OSI provides best-in-class, 24/7 service and support around the world through service centers located in every major offshore basin.

The Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System, winner of the Offshore Technology Conference 2022 Spotlight on New Technology® Award, will be showcased by OSI at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference at NRG Park in Booth 1940.  Throughout the conference, OSI will celebrate its 80th anniversary and demonstrate how the Company has evolved to connect the energy future with traditional and lower-carbon energy sources for a multisource energy mix.