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Inventory management, exponentially simplified

Manually tracking iron in the field is costly in terms of time and labor. For one customer, using pen and paper to manually track iron took three workers an entire day to log 900 pieces of iron by part type alone. By using Weir’s RFID Technology and Mobile App, the operator can now conduct the same inventory with one worker in three to four hours. That’s a 94 percent reduction in man-hours—and a complete elimination of human error.

Smart reporting, strong returns

Visually monitoring vent-gas and flare performance has long been prone to human error, often leading to safety risks and inaccurate reporting. Weir’s Vent-Gas Analyzer Intelligent System accurately measures flow rates, gas volume for CH4 and total gas locally in real time, allowing for better decisions, safer operations and more accurate EPA reporting compliance. Data from the system can be accessed anywhere, anytime via a Cloud-based portal.

Generating double-digit cost savings with legacy equipment

Cost savings are crucial for such businesses in the EMEA region, and extending the life of legacy equipment is always a goal. Weir’s Oil & Gas team provides the region with an attractive, cost-effective option – complete rebuilds and re-engineering of legacy custom and standard equipment that is 30 percent less than the cost of new OEM equipment.

Eliminate 88% of potential leak paths on your frac site

Frac sites are a dangerous maze of iron, connections, and tie-downs. At Weir, our engineers were inspired by the clean simplicity of the straight line. The Weir Simplified Frac Iron System is the result of that inspiration. This system was put to the test by a Canadian operator whose previous installation had failed after three days. With the new configuration, pipe connections were reduced from 100 to 12, eliminating 88% of potential leak paths.

IoT in the Oil Field: A Smart Equipment Revolution

The speed of innovation has been quickening over the past decade. It seems the Internet of Things (IoT) – all the web-enabled devices that collect, send and act on data acquired from their surrounding environments using embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware – have infiltrated nearly every industry and much of our everyday lives. Similarly, the oil and gas industry is embracing digitization at a faster rate, and as a result it’s seeing dramatic improvements in efficiency and safety that will further transform the industry.

Intelligence meets control

When every minute counts, the Weir Mud-Gas Separator Intelligent System helps you avoid well-control incidents. Employing wave-radar technology, the MGS IS system measures and communicates fluid-level data in real-time on site. This data is also accessible through a secure, Cloud-based portal anywhere, anytime.

Transform EPA reporting into a significant ROI

For managed-pressure drilling and flowback operations, accurate data drives productivity and profitability. But visually monitoring vent-gas and flare performance doesn’t cut it. With the Weir Vent-Gas Analyzer Intelligent System, you can now precisely measure flow and volume.

Predict kicks hours earlier—and avoid them altogether

When something goes wrong on a well site, every minute counts. The Weir Mud Gas Separator Intelligent System is designed to give you those minutes—and more. Ideal for managed-pressure and under-balanced drilling operations, the MGS-IS accurately measures fluid levels within the mud-gas separator, and can also be upgraded to control those levels.

Double the life of your frac pump—and save millions

Hydraulic fracturing presents operators with some of the most challenging conditions on earth. Extreme pressures and relentless operations frequently push pumps past their limits. We evaluated the most common pump failures to build the SPM® QEM 3000, the industry’s first high-horsepower frac pump designed to handle the world’s harshest pumping conditions, day in and day out.