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Proven Demulsifiers + Interfacial Science Expertise = Consistent Field Performance

Stepan offers a diverse range of chemistry to address the dehydration, oil-water interface resolution, and desalting requirements of crude oils and their associated operational conditions.

Advanced flowback aid for oil and gas wells - PETROSTEP® ME-2

Stepan Oilfield Solutions’ PETROSTEP ME-2 flowback aid helps operators improve hydrocarbon production by enhancing the clean-up of fluids after stimulation, including polymer damage, problematic emulsions and water blocks, for example.

Enhancing the performance of emulsion-based friction reducers

PETROSTEP® FRB-5 is a surfactant formulation that enhances the performance of emulsion-based friction reducers (FRs) in brines. It enables operators to formulate their fracturing fluids in recycled and produced waters, resulting in lower cost and more sustainable operations.

Stepan brings more tools to your acidizing tool kit

Stepan Oilfield Solutions understands that our customers need the right chemistry to execute their well treatments effectively and provides a range of intermediates, formulated concentrates and finished products to build stable, effective acidizing fluids that perform under pressure.

Stepan Oilfield Solutions brings innovative, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor intermediates

Learn about our biodegradable corrosion inhibitor intermediates for production that are compliant with the stringent North Sea regulations.

Bringing value to the surface with Stepan Oilfield Solutions — Europe

Whether you are in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Russia, the Stepan Oilfield Solutions team in Europe works diligently to solve challenges that are unique to the upstream market. Our dedicated team can help you protect your assets, save money and optimize your business. Together, we can bring value to the surface.