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Listen to the Conversation: Fluid Mapping While Drilling

Learn why fluid mapping is a critical part of drilling optimization, how the technology complements LWD, and what advantages it offers over alternative techniques.

Top Three Benefits of MEMS Technology for Gyro-Surveying-While-Drilling

MEMS technology is changing gyro-survey-while-drilling for the better. Case studies show that it can reduce gyro-survey-while-drilling uncertainty by up to 45% and decrease the gyro-survey time from 20 to 0 minutes.

Two Unexpected Ways Poor Cementing Limits Your Production

When your unconventional well doesn’t deliver the production you expect, you might suspect the problem is fracturing fluid selection, sand volume, pumping rates, or reservoir quality—but the real issue may lurk behind the casing. Cement bond logs can help you determine whether poor cementing and channeling are problems in your well and guide you to a better cement-to-frac solution.