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A Guide to Galvanic Corrosion of Copper Beryllium and ToughMet® Alloy

Galvanic corrosion can occur when two or more dissimilar metals contact each other in an electrolytic environment. This can occur in seawater, chemical processing, or in automotive fasteners and connectors exposed to road salt spray.

A Coupling to Boost Well Efficiency

Carolyn Curran, Diane Nielsen, William Nielsen, Richard Cash, Materion Corporation, USA, explain how an advanced sucker rod coupling is optimizing every aspect of rod lift well efficiency and productivity.

Rotary Bending Fatigue for AT110 and TS Tempers of ToughMet 3 Alloy

Most material used in demanding applications comes certified to properties that are obtained through a tensile test. These properties are important to determine the maximum amount of stress that can be applied. However, they do little to predict other important aspects of the design such as the expected life.