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TECH TALK: Digitalization, optional or necessary?

There is an ongoing debate about the speed in which the oil and gas industry has adopted technological innovations. Has it been a slow or a timely adoption?

The Latest 3D Asset Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

JP Global Digital’s Smart Digital Twin is the industry’s most advanced 3D tool for cost-efficient and accurate asset management.

JP Global Digital is Making the Digital Twin a Reality

Managers in oil & gas and chemical plants are always seeking safer facilities, greater efficiency, decreased operating costs, higher reliability, and higher productivity for both the plant and their personnel. One of the key enablers promising to help in all of those areas is the “digital twin.”

The Rise of Digital Industrial Technology

The rise of digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0, has brought with it a transformation that makes it possible to create a Smart Digital Twin for any offshore or onshore facility.