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Making the case for the DNP3 Protocol in upstream oil & gas

Anyone who has worked in automation knows that one of the most time-consuming and unpredictable aspects of deploying a system is working with a plethora of equipment from multiple vendors, many times with varying protocols and standards. Historically, the upstream oil and gas industry has used a range of proprietary protocols and ‘standard’ Modbus.

Achieving secure, reliable communications with the DNP3 Protocol

In our previous article, Making the Case for DNP3 in Upstream Oil & Gas, we discussed the growing adoption of the DNP3 protocol in the oil and gas automation market and how this adoption will benefit end users of automation equipment, particularly RTUs and SCADA. We will now take a closer look at how this interoperability is achieved.

A Key Consideration when Automating Large Wellpads: Can the Automation Scale to Fulfill Complex Site Requirements Long Term?

Achieving the necessary site architecture long term requires the right combination of scalability, as it relates to processing power and I/O, along with the flexibility to obtain as much control as needed with tools and systems that are designed with users in mind.

A Key Consideration when Automating Large Wellpads: Does the Automation Platform Provide Truly Integrated Measurement Capability?

As companies look to their future in an uncertain environment, selecting the right automation and measurement platform becomes a critical decision that can deliver real operational cost savings by reducing complexity, allowing for more flexible engineering practices, and providing the tools necessary to employ truly standardized approaches across the organization and asset base.

A Key Consideration when Automating Large Wellpads: Is the Automation Easy to Use and Maintain in the Field?

A critically important factor in selecting an automation platform is ensuring the technology has been designed and engineered for oil and gas operations. Fit-for-purpose automation technologies are much more likely to deliver superior performance long term while providing an optimal user experience.