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Actenum scheduling software adds $510k to operator earnings

Recently, it became clear to a US operator in the Permian basin that as they had grown by acquiring acreage, they had also outgrown their existing spreadsheet-based scheduling tool. Besides being cumbersome and unreliable, it didn’t provide any easy way to evaluate schedule scenarios to determine the impact on capital and production of adding or redeploying rigs. Using Actenum’s DSO/Upstream scheduling software to improve drilling program efficiency, the operator was able to add $510,000 to its annual earnings.

Maximizing scheduling effectiveness for all disciplines across the entire E&P organization

After many years of organic growth, and a series of acquisitions, a leading US E&P company was confronted with the harsh reality that their efficiency and revenues were being negatively impacted, because as they had grown so did their number of well delivery scheduling methods. Based on its data model, visualization capabilities, ease of integration, ability to run multiple scenarios and compare analytics plus more, the Company selected Actenum’s scheduling software, Actenum DSO/Upstream.