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Powering Ahead: Using Additive Manufacturing in the Development of Large Metallic Components for O&G

Intensively contributing to the Additive Manufacturing deployment in the O&G sector, Vallourec presents its latest achievements in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing and focus on the first safety-critical AM component deployed in the field. In addition, results and perspectives of this technology are discussed. Joining us for this Tech session are Bertrand Maillon – Innovation – Additive Manufacturing Business Developer – and Jonathan Moulin – Innovation – Product Developer – from Vallourec.

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GCEOR Laboratory Testing Offers Critical Insights to Maximize Hydrocarbon Recovery

Maximum recovery is increased 30-70% using Gas Cycling Enhanced Oil Recovery (GCEOR) in unconventional reservoirs. Economic even at low oil prices, this makes a huge difference to the bottom line. Learn how to minimize uncertainties underlying oil recovery methodologies (swelling, vaporization, enrichment, etc.) and optimize reservoir models with GCEOR laboratory testing programs.

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