October 2007
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Saudis form oilfield guard Saudi Arabia recently began devel-oping a specialized security force of 35,000 to protect its oil infrastructure from potential attacks. Recruitment began a few months ago and the force already has more than 5,000 personnel. The troops are being trained in the use of new surveillance equipment, crisis management and countermeasures in a program being managed by US defense firm Lockheed Martin, according to the Nicosia-based Middle East Economic Survey. Denmark plans meeting of arctic nations Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller and Greenland’s Premier Hans Enoksen have invited foreign ministers from Canada, Norway, Russia and the United States to Greenland next May to discuss how borders in the region should be set. The invitation is the result of increasing interest in the region’s natural resources, resulting from receding ice cap which offers the potential for exploiting oil and other resources in previously unreachable locations.

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