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arrow Review and Forecast

World Oil's annual review of the past year and what lies ahead in 2007, now in its 81st year. Our statistics and analysis are gathered from proprietary surveys from states, governments and operators worldwide. These reports are used by oilfield professionals and government agencies worldwide.

Crude oil price analysis. A popular choice among forecast analysts for governmental consulting, public speaking and the media, Matthew Simmons of Simmons & Co. Int'l, tries to make sense of recent developments, OPEC, the ever-threatening "peak" and other supply-and-demand topics.

E&P spending forecast. Citigroup Smith Barney's surveys provide comparative analysis and predictions for US, Canadian and worldwide upstream capital expenditures from 2006 through 2007.

Washington in 2006 2007. World Oil's capital city correspondent, John McCaughey, reports on the status of political efforts to steer US energy policy by a Democrat-led legislature and a Republican White House. In his inimitable writing style, McCaughey discusses the results of past bills and the energy legislation likely to come forward in 2007.

Canadian outlook. Has Canada's boom topped out? Calgary contributor Bob Curran provides his annual report on the past year and what activity looks like in the year ahead from the perspective of a Canadian insider.

US drilling forecast. Our expert editorial team will again amass and crunch a mountain of data to produce an industry standard, World Oil's US drilling forecast, complete with proprietary survey results, tables and charts. Plus, several pages of statistics and analysis of the US rig count, oil production, and oil and gas reserves.

There will also be several proprietary features that agencies, such as DOE and API, as well as DeGolyer and McNaughton, depend on World Oil for some proprietary data, including US producing oil wells and producing gas wells on a state-by-state basis.

International drilling. Managing/International Editor Kurt Abraham asks government officials, oil company planners and others to report on last year's activity, as well as help produce a global drilling forecast for 2007. Plus a breakout of just the global offshore drilling activity picture. The international section also gives world oil production by country and by region.

arrow Coiled Tubing Technology

High surface area and wormholes established with coiled tubing acid-jetting drilling. Authors from PDVSA and BJ Services describe how the rotary-free drilling took place in carbonate reservoirs and the remarkable increases in production.

Preparing for an area-wide, coiled-tubing based acid-stimulation campaign requires much well review and preparation to produce maximum benefit. Authors from Brunei Shell and Shell International review a successful on- and offshore campaign that worked-over 37 tubing strings and reactivated nine shut-in wells.

arrow LNG and Natural Gas

North American gas outlook. Gas expert Len Parent, publisher of the Gas Price Report, reviews gas-well drilling, gas prices, and gas supply and demand for the North American continent for 2006, and offers his predictions for 2007.

Global LNG report. Two consultants give their views on the global LNG market, with an emphasis on the effect on North America. Proposed terminals, supply from various countries and development options are discussed.

arrow Produced Water Report

Produced in association with the Produced Water Society, authors from Shell explain the results of a Task Group on Produced Water, in Troubleshooting produced oil/water treating problems - methodology and a case study, which details the procedures and process that solved several problems facing the company, including those of an FPSO with severe produced water problems not related to capacity.

arrow Petroleum Technology Digest

This popular feature is published in association with the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. Even after waterflood, there are billions of barrels of oil left in abandoned reservoirs, some with recovery factors as low as 20%. With some initial funding from the DOE, this Independent is finding ways to re-enter old wells and apply ultra-low cost horizontal drilling for waterflood injectors and producers. The result is a surprising amount of new production at very low risk.


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