Petroleum Technology Digest: Hydraulic diaphragm electric submersible pump improves completion design, lowers lifting costs

With conventional beam pumping units, Bretagne LLC (Bretagne) has experienced high failure rates in Kentucky oil wells, due to erosion and abrasion of pump components by sand production. Bretagne’s shallow wells (less than 1,500 ft) typically produce less than 20 bfpd. Bretagne has replaced a number of beam pumps with hydraulic diaphragm, electric submersible pumps (HDESPs) developed by Smith Lift. This article documents the details and economic benefits of two such installations. The economic benefit on the first well resulted from reduced well servicing and fewer days of lost production. The second well features a faster, more economical way to deploy pumps. The HDESP pump is deployed on small, 1-in. diameter, flexible production tubing. Deployment on flexible production tubing is much faster than with conventional means. Higher velocities with smaller tubing help in dealing with solids settling.

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