Suppliers show progress in expandables innovation

Eight new developments and uses from five major service suppliers show that this technology continues strong uptake among operators. This is our fourth consecutive year of our popular annual expandable round up.; previous issues of World Oil’s July issue should be referenced for a complete lineup, which is also available online. This year, eight new products or new applications for existing products are featured. First, there is an HP/ HT sealing device that uses an expanding metal-to-metal seal that contains no elastomers. There are two new expandable-liner hanger/ packer systems. One can be run as a conventional liner system; the other is a system that uses a tie-back expander working in conjunction with a hanger body, which together form an HP/ HT seal. And, there is one open-hole drilling liner that preserves drilling ID through unstable zones. Next comes a compelling case that says expandable tubulars can be used in H2S environments.

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