Monodiameter wells continue to expand possibilities

Although not yet a commercial reality, tests to date, as well as foreseen benefits, argue that these wells will eventually become common. Uptake of expandable tubulars, in general, has been relatively good. There are now dozens of new uses in drilling and completion, and several hundreds of jobs completed. It has been used in wells more than 28,000-ft deep, and in wells with bottomhole temperatures of 400°F. Of all the expandable applications to date, the monodiameter well has the most potential to change the industry. The present path to full commercial use of a monodiameter well is anticipated to take at least another five years.1 However, various tests and experiments in the field, as well as modeling and bench work, are taking place continuously to achieve that goal. An intermediate goal is to achieve monodiameter liners. BACKGROUND Expandable tubulars must be manufactured and handled much differently than ordinary pipe.

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