Aluminum alloy tubulars for the oil and gas industry

Russian experience demonstrates a new choice for drilling challenging wells. Research and Development Corp. The oil and gas industry requires significant tubular goods. Drill pipe, casing, tubing and risers must be designed and manufactured to accommodate present and future expectations of drilling deeper, longer, faster and more efficiently, while maximizing production for every well drilled. For years Aluminum Alloys (AA) have been widely used as construction materials in the aerospace, automotive, marine and civil construction industries. Unfortunately, AA tubulars use in the petroleum industry has been rare. Aluminum Drill Pipe (ADP) was used extensively only in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). OILFIELD USE The first research work and experiments with ADP began in the second half of the 1950s with encouraging field results. In following years, ADP was more widespread in directional well drilling, combined with turbodrills and electrodrills. Wide use of ADP reduced hoisting loads substantially, reduced trip time, lowered borehole hydraulic losses, reduced mud pump loads, and lowered transportation costs.

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