Drilling advances

Oilfield proverbs. Listen, all ye miserable sinners who have entered into the land of the tall derricks through the V-door. Tread softly on thy journey, and carry a big twenty-four in this dry and thirsty land. Harken to my voice, all ye of smooth skin and unwrinkled countenance, for I have dwelt in this land for many years and mine eyes have witnessed all manner of folly and woe. Verily, I have tasted of the bitter fruit of stuck drillpipe and I have drunk the dregs of the cup of lost circulation. Grid up thy loins, my son, and take up thy time sheets with great care. Listen to the counsel of the sadder and wiser man than thee. Unto all things there cometh a time – a time to speak and a time to remain silent. Be thou as a stone in the presence of thy superiors, and keep thy tongue quiet when they call for volunteers.

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