Issue: September 2001

Special Focus

How to obtain reliable S-impedance from P-wave data

Standard AVO analysis can create errors leading to false prospects. Elastic impedance offers method to give more correct results and fewer dry holes

Large data volumes can be handled cost-effectively

Results of a solution to storage/retrieval/ management, as developed by a service company alliance, is overviewed for a Conoco business unit

Tectonic setting of the world's giant oil fields

Part 1 presents classification system for the world's 20 regional areas of giant fields, plus tectonic settings and maps of the first seven areas

After petroleum is gone, what then?

Author discusses seven possible organic carbon sources for transportation fuel alternatives and five carbon conversion processes to be considered

Hydraulic thrusting devices improve drilling efficiencies

How hydraulic piston device in BHA improved penetration rates and reduced downhole tool failures for operator BP in medium-to-high-angle applications

Meeting today's plug & abandonment/ decommissioning demands

How working with a company skilled in handling legal/physical complexities of abandoning offshore facilities on a turnkey basis can be a win/win situation

Natural Gas: Anomalously Pressured Zones

Anomalously pressured gas accumulations in Rocky Mountain Laramide basins – Following discussions of AP reservoirs and their vast potential, a case history illustrates technical application of a new exploration/exploitation approach
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• Solid propellants provide cost-effective stimulation • Partial waterdrive gas reservoir maximizes profits • Web-based pump-off controller reduces costs • Small-scale 3-D seismic shoot adds reserves

Producing partial waterdrive gas reservoir at high rate maximizes profitability

Ocean Energy achieved a 70% recovery and maximized profitability from a downdip waterdrive gas completion by aggressively producing the zone at high rates.

Small-scale 3-D seismic shoot adds new oil reserves

Shakespeare Oil redefined the structural interpretation of the Devonian Geneva dolomite reservoir in Tonti field, Marion County, Ill., using data from a 0.375-sq-mi 3-D seismic survey.

Solid propellants provide cost-effective stimulation in marginal wells

Many oil and gas wells can be stimulated effectively with a progressively burning, solid propellant that produces multiple fractures.

Web-based pump-off controller reduces electricity costs

CamWest, Inc., an independent based in Denver, Colorado, and McKinney, Texas, operates more than 120 oil wells in Lander, Wyoming.

World Oil's 2001 Drill Bit Classifier

Annual comprehensive listing of 17 major manufacturers' commercial bits. Divided into six formation types from soft/ sticky to extremely hard, tables show name, IADC code, size and performance of each firm's offerings.

New equipment


Editorial comment

Energy Literacy Project seeks way to educate public on critical issues


World's oldest producing well still active after 140 years

International Politics

Major changes are underway in Europe's natural gas market

What's happening in drilling

Positive news from Andersen's survey of operator capital spending

What's happening in exploration

MMS study on seafloor geohazards; Limitations of corn-derived ethanol fuels

What's happening in production

Compressed air energy storage; Big potential for gas-to-liquids technology

What's happening offshore

MMS's proposed 5-year leasing plan; 3,000-mile gas pipeline for SE Asia
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Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

Looking ahead

Oil country hot line

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Feature Article  TAG LINE Head Deck Author byline and article copy Literature Cited

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  Fig. 1. Global distribution of 592 giant oil fields plotted on topographic-bathymetric world map. Yellow boxes indicate concentrations of giant oil fields shown in detailed figures. A) Alaska; B) Rocky Mountain foreland; C

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig3.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 3. North Slope of Alaska and McKenzie delta.

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig4.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 4. Rocky Mountain foreland

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig5.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 5. Southern California

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig6.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 6. Permian and Anadarko basins

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig7.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 7. Gulf of Mexico.

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig8.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 8. Northern South America.

01-09_tectonic-mann_fig9.htm (Sep-2001)

  Fig. 9. Brazil.

Industry At A Glance

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats  Source: Baker Hughes Inc.

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats    International Geophysical Act

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

01-09_int-rotary-rig.html (Sep-2001)

Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

01-09_us-geophysical-activity.html (Sep-2001)

Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

01-09_us-rotary-rigs.html (Sep-2001)

Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats    U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats    Workover Rig Count

01-09_workover-rig-graph.html (Sep-2001)

Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats  Source: Baker Hughes Inc.

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats    World Oil Production

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Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats 

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Advanced Schedule of Articles Coming In November 2001. . . Production Advanced sand control completion with permanent monitoring

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