Engineering Tables ///

Casing Tables

World Oil's casing reference tables provide information on premium casing connection dimensions, available steel grades and minimum join tension strengths.

Drill Bit Classifier

World Oil’s Drill Bit Classifier includes updated specifications for the full range of fixed cutter and Tricone bits from all the major manufacturer

Drilling, Completion and Workovers Fluids Table

Exclusive annual listing that shows trade names, generic descriptions, recommended usage and suppliers of more than 2,500 fluid system additives for drilling, completions and workovers.

Proppants Table

World Oil is pleased to present the industry’s first, detailed set of proppant tables, adding an important data set to our existing line of engineering tables covering drill bits, drilling fluids, casing and tubing.

Tubing Tables

World Oil’s reference guide to production tubing and tubing couplings provides detailed technical specifications, including sizes, connection dimensions, steel grades and coupling types. Connection manufacturers’ contact information is also provided. World Oil's updated tables for pipe sizes to 5-in. OD or production-tubing-specific couplings provide information on premium connection dimensions, available steel grades and minimum joint tension strengths.